The structural design and consulting team "Ergon Analysis" developed from the relevant activity, since 1991, of Charis Gantes, Professor at the National Technical University of Athens. In 2001 Maria Villi and Yiannis Psaras joined the team, followed in recent years by other structural engineers.

Since 2004 we have a multi-faceted cooperation with the structural design office "Design & Application Engineers SA" (, leading in shared accommodation, since 2010, in a common office building in Marousi, near down-town Athens.

"Ergon Analysis" is active in structural design of buildings and other, special structures, mainly made of structural steel but also of reinforced concrete and masonry, both independently and in cooperation with structural design offices and construction companies in Greece and abroad. Recent projects include large-span steel structures covering athletic, industrial and commercial facilities, structural design for new and strengthening of existing reinforced concrete and masonry buildings, as well as design and consulting for a number special structures such as the steel gates of the new Panama Canal, structures related to the 2004 Olympic Games, buried oil and natural gas pipelines, auxiliary structures of the Athens peripheral highway Attiki Odos, stations of the Athens Metro, telecommunication towers, port and marine steel structures, special structures for support of construction activities and support for development of technical software.

In "Ergon Analysis" we put emphasis on the very high quality of the provided services, using the most up-to-date analysis, design and drawing software. We specialize in non-conventional structures and advanced static and dynamic numerical analysis methods. We place particular attention in the conceptual design of the structural system, in order to achieve compatibility with the architectural and serviceability demands, as an important means of optimization of the quality and cost of the project. We believe that close and fruitful cooperation of all involved disciplines is a prerequisite for balancing often conflicting design criteria. And we make sure to deliver high level drawings, as they are the language of communication between design and construction.