Some selected invited lectures are listed and can be downloaded below.

  • Gantes, C.J., "Numerical Evaluation of Ultimate Bearing Capacity of Steel Structures", CC2011 - 13th International Conference on Civil, Structural and Environmental Engineering Computing, Chania, Crete, 6-9 Sep. 2011. (pdf, 3208 KB)
  • Gantes, C.J., "Overview of Recent Research Work on Wind Turbine Towers", University of Toronto, June 2011. (pdf, 2420 KB)
  • Gantes, C.J., "New Panathinaikos Football Stadium in Athens, Greece - Main Aspects of Structural Design", University of Rome La Sapienza, Apr. 2010. (pdf, 3990 KB)
  • Gantes, C.J., "Modern Trends for the Seismic Design of Steel Structures" (in Greek), 3rd Greek National Congress on Earthquake Engineering and Technical Seismology, Athens, Greece, 5 - 7 Nov. 2008. (pdf, 3312 KB)